TotalCon 30 Pre-registration has Begun!

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Pre-registration will end on February 12, 2016

Mail-in Registration is available, payable by check only. Forms must be mailed by February 10, 2016. Download the Registration Form.

On-site registration will also be available. GMs can still create events.

Red Roof Inn Discount

Red Roof Inn Mansfield offers 10% discount for TotalCon. Use this link: Red Roof Inn. With the site hotel sold out for most nights, Red Roof Inn is the closest hotel to the convention.

Event Submissions Period is Now Closed

Do not submit more new events. The convention calendar is full of great games.

Sal's Traveling Market & BGG No-Ship Auction Ready

Once again Sal's Traveling Market of Curiosities will give you the chance to sell unwanted games and buy wanted games. Click on the link to read all about how to register your items for sale and how to shop and buy at the Market. This year there will be a raffle for early entrance and first pick at the goodies.

A no-ship auction on BGG has been set up. Link to BGG page on Auction.

A math trade has been organized. Link to BGG page for math trade.

Dark Phoenix Events will be at TotalCon!

We are pleased to announce that Dark Phoenix Events will be officially joining Totalcon this year! With a full schedule of tabletop adventure games for our attendees, Dark Phoenix Events will take over the Terrace and Veranda Rooms for the weekend, offering a varied slate of games to satisfy many genres from Thursday through Saturday evening. What kind of game do you want? We deliver fantasy. We also deliver sci-fi, cosmic horror, steampunk, espionnage, old school and just about any other genre you want. Our professional Game Masters work hard for your fun. Come on over to the Terrace Room and check us out. Find out how you can have your own event, tailored for you and your gamers at a location of your choice.

From a single Game Master and an afternoon game for six, to a weekend filled with gaming for you and several dozen of your friends. We have hosted in mansions, hotels and campgrounds. You pick the spot, we can even handle all the location arrangements, food and service.

In addition to our role-playing events, we offer a variety of themed Murder Mystery parties and fully immersive Live Action Role-Playing Events.In honour of our first experience at Totalcon, we will have special giveaways and rewards for our players! Get your invite to our Game Master Meet and Greet and find out how you can book now to craft the gaming event of your dreams!We take the work out of your fun!


Our Totalcon Game Masters: Alexander Jackl, Ian Eller, Andre Kruppa, Jason Marcure, David Clarkson, Petra Jackl, Dr. Nik, Sean Murphy, Scott Legault

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