TotalCon 30 will be held February 18-21, 2016

GMs can create events. Attendee preregistration is NOT available yet.

New England Regional Board Game Tournaments

These games are going to grant their tournament winners the title New England Regional Champion:
Splendor • Dominion • Power Grid • Puerto Rico • St. Petersburg • Ticket to Ride • Stone Age
They are also all tournaments for the Meeple League.

Holiday Inn Sold Out

Convention-long reservations are no longer available. Limited rooms are still available for Weds, Thurs, and Sunday only. You can find rooms at other area hotels. See the hotel page.

Event Submission Open!

GMs should start entering events now. Make sure to login (and create a user account for yourself the first time) before trying to enter events. See the Game Master page page for details.

As a special 30th thank you for TotalCon GMs, any Game Master submitting 3 or more events will automatically receive a free 4 day weekend pass to TotalCon 30! GMs who submit less than 3 will be reimbursed at the regular rate.

Please Login to create a user account before submitting events. Please submit your events early! Tables and Time slots are limited. Events that are submitted and accepted by November 15, 2015 are guaranteed to be in the program book. For full information on being a Game Master for TotalCon 30, please visit the GM information page.

Create a User Account for Yourself NOW!

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Summer Sizzler Winners

The Summer Sizzler was held September 20, 2015.

Congratulations to our Tournament Winners
Catan:Stephen Costa
Maze Racers:Dennis Wright
Splendor:Bob Wicks