"Truth from Chaos"                            24 Years and Counting
July Game Day Schedule:
TOTAL CONFUSION LLC, PO BOX 70585, WORCESTER, MA 01607 -603-341-4271
TotalCon...bringing the best in gaming to the heart of New England
Join us for some summer sizzling fun July 14th 8a -10pm at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA.

Pre-reg is $10.   To Pre-register please go to the paypal site and make payment of $10.00 per person to Please indicate in the note section the name and type of games each person is signing up for.  Any
questions please contact PRE-REG ENDS FRIDAY JULY 12.
At the door $15

The Game Day will feature open gaming (subject to table availabitly) role-playing and some miniature games.

RPGA Battle Interactive:

ADCP5-2 The Best Defense (Living Forgotten Realms - D&D 4e) There has long been a fragile peace between the shadowy forces of
Netheril on one side and the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr and its eladrin allies on the other.
The Shade Princes, War Wizards, and High Mages have studied each other's strengths and weaknesses for thousands of years. The
only thing that has kept the two sides from each other's throats is fear of the utter devastation that an
all-out war between such magical giants would wreak. Now something has disturbed that precarious balance. The power of Shade
Enclave is growing; not even the greatest heroes could prevent the fall of Elturel. If the forces of light don't
strike back now, it may soon be too late... This adventure is part Chapter 3 of the Desolation series. A Living Forgotten Realms
2-round continuous-play battle interactive set in Netheril for adventurers of level 1 - 20. This adventure is
combat-intensive. Players who do not enjoy combat encounters are less likely to enjoy this adventure.

TC Realms Role-Playing Events:

Morning 8am-12pm
The Bedder Armistice
You have been called to the north lands of Bedder again because of recent humanoid activities. Bugbears and Ogres have caused
trouble in the past. But your arrival triggers an interesting turn of events, instead of you having to find them they have come to you
with a request of aid!
TC Fantasy Bedder part 1 Levels 4 thru 12
By: Steven Parenteau

Afternoon 1pm-5pm
The Plague Devil's Valley
Divination visions have revealed that an imprisoned angel is being tortured by a demon that is gaining power and trying to break
through onto the Prime Material Plane. Be smart, bring at least one ranger or a druid with the party.
TC Fantasy, Levels 4-12.
By: Dave Fromerth

Evening 6p-10p

Infestation IV, The Final Push
Infestation Part 4 The final push.  You are called to lead the attack on the main building of the fortress.  All you need to do is kill the
queen and eliminate the Formian threat to this plane!  
TC Fantasy, level 7-15
By Luc Poulin

Minature Games:
Morning- 8a-12p
Summon to mind a futuristic nightmare of desperation and exhilaration, where rumbling machines unleash barrage after barrage of
titanic weaponry and the inexorable advance of a soulless giant can only be stopped by zinging swarms of self-sacrificing martyrs. This
is Ogre, a mini's game from Steve Jackson Games. All level of players are welcome to play.  (limit 12 players)

Afternoon. 1p-5p
Brewhouse Bash.
We've all see barfights in the movies, and maybe even in a bar. With Brewhouse Bash, you can now partake in one! Each player will
given a mini and last one standing is the king of the bar! (limit 12 players)

Evening. 6p-10p
X-com: Frontal Assault. (beta)
You all know the classic video game X-com, now try it on the table top. This game is a simple conversion of XCOM enemy unknown.
This will be the frist time this game is tested and players are encourged to provide feedback for the event. All mini's will be supplied as
well as dice. Come on down and give it a shot. Are you ready commander?

Evening 6p-10p
Galaxy a Fire
The next round of test play is up for a new macroture space combat game loosely based on Star Fleet Battles. Some experience in the
game would be helpful but necessary. Come and pilot a Federation or Klingon ship in extra large scale. Plays 10 players
By: Steven Parenteau

Board Gaming Events: *more games to be added*
*GoH Ben Gerber will be hosting Talisman from 1p-5p

Stone Age - Charie
Terra Mystica - Matt

Revolution - Bruce
Archipelago - Larry

Keyflower - Rich
Munchkin - Michelle
Founding Fathers - Bob

And don't forget Saturday July 13th: We are pleased to announce a cross-promotional effort with the New England Privateers!
They will be at the Holiday Inn on Saturday July 13th so we are extending an invitation to you to join them for some world class
miniature gaming. They are holding an Open New England Team Tournament and all are welcomed. Please visit their website for full
details/pricing/times/tournament rules/etc!!