Industry guests of Honor 2014
February  20-23, 2014                                New England's Largest Game Convention               Holiday Inn Mansfield,MA                      
Frank Mentzer: Frank was an employee of TSR in the
early days of the company from 1980 to1986.  In 1981, he
founded the Role-Playing Gaming Association (RPGA). Also, he
was once the Creative Advisor to Gary Gygax for some of his
time at TSR.  He has many credits to his name, is an auctioneer
at Gen Con, and is still active in the gaming business today. For
more information on his many contributions to the gaming
industry, click here
: Frank Mentzer Biography
Mark Edwards: Mark never really considered a (semi)career as a
freelancer given how much time graduate studies take. However, a
fortuitous meeting with an actual freelancer, combined with immense
drive times (with nothing to do but think) led to his first fan-submitted work
for AEG’s 7th Sea line. And after that it was all downhill. Since then in
addition to AEG, he’s written for games including 3.5/Pathfinder (for, Call of Cthulhu (for You Too Can Cthulhu),
Serenity and Supernatural (for Margaret Weis Productions), Savage
Worlds (for Melior Via), Shadowrun and Shadowrun Missions (for Catalyst
Game Labs), Witch Hunter and Rotted Capes (for Paradigm Concepts),
and various others (for Wolfshead Engendering). Never one to juggle too
few balls at once, Mark’s current projects include works for Call of
Cthulhu, Witch Hunter, and Postworld Games in addition to his usual
work on his very own living campaign, The Heroes of Altamira (using the
7th Sea RPG). This past year, Mark got his highest freelancing honor to
date when the Shadowrun Runners’ Toolkit (which he’d written a
significant portion of) won the 2012 Origins Award for Best Role-playing
Tim Kask: Tim has been playing war games since the sixth grade, in
1961. He was the first full time employee of a new company called TSR in
1975, hired to be Gary’s editor. (this would make him a Charter Member of
The Old School. He edited the last four supplements to what is now
referred to as OD&D as well as helped Gary Gygax to define and delineate
what became AD&D. Along the way he started DRAGON Magazine and
LITTLE WARS Magazine, did development and editing on several other
TSR games; he also did some development work for AH. After leaving
TSR, he moved to Cincinnati where he partnered with Ral Partha to found
Manzakk Publishing, where he published ADVENTURE GAMING Magazine
until the “trickle-down” theory of Reagonomics failed totrickle his way.
During the last three years he has resumed writing adventure modules,
playing aids and short fiction and has plans to publish them in 2012 in a
new company, Eldritch Enterprises, Ltd., formed by Frank Mentzer, Jim
Ward, Chris Clark and himself. His focus point of his new products is
helping DM’s be the very best they can be; his philosophy of gaming can
be summed up as : ”Rules should not get in the way of fun”.
Since his retirement from teaching, Tim has been writing full time on
several projects besides game-related items and travelling to whatever
conventions invite him to attend. For more information, click here:
Tim Kask Wiki-Page

James Carpio; James Carpio began his obsession with role
playing games in 1981 with a copy of the Moldvey/Cook D&D box set.  
Since then RPGs have been a major influence in his life and culture.  
James is an avid gamer and a supporter of the OSR (Old School
Renaissance) movement. James is the sole proprietor of Chapter 13
Press (Indie Press Publishers of the Pulp Era and Spookybeans RPGs)
with other titles Including the upcoming Death Race Z are in the works.  
Spookybeans the Gothic Comics RPG was a finalist in the 2012 ENnie
Awards. His current projects include: Tales From the Fallen Empire, a
3rd party product for Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics and an
adventure module for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. James has
collaborated on projects with Eden Studios, Exile Game Studios, Secret
Fire Games and R. Talsorian Games in the past and is always searching
for that next major project.  Recently James was announced as the Game
Content Editor for the new Gygax Magazine (working with Luke & Ernie
Gygax, Jim Wampler, Jayson Elliot, and Tim Kask), and has been busy
reviewing submissions and ensuring strong content for the magazine.
On the convention side of the fence James holds the title of Director of
Gaming with Connecticon (yearly fandom convention held in Hartford, CT)
and has in the past worked with I-CON Science Fiction, Questcon, and
Gazebo of Games. You can check out James' work at  or hear him rant from time to time at
David O. Miller: Science Fiction and Fantasy illustrator David O.
Miller has created art for many game companies such as TSR, GDW,
White Wolf Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, West End Games and
Wizards of the Coast, as well as other publishing companies including
Baen Books, DoubleDay Science Fiction and Military Book Clubs, Topps
and Inkworks. It was in 1977, while still at college, that he was introduced
to role playing games such as D&D, Runequest, and Metagaming's
Melee and Wizards (TFT). After graduation, David started attending
GenCon where he picked up work freelancing as a fantasy artist. In 1987,
David took a job as Art Director for the Space and Rocket Center and U.S.
Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Currently, David operates his own
graphic design/illustration studio in Long Island, NY. He also teaches art
courses, which include science fiction/fantasy drawing, manga
illustration, digital painting, and traditional acrylic painting. More recently
David has freelanced for Dark City Games, creating art for their line of old
school adventure scenarios. David is still an avid gamer. He writes and
maintains a very popular TFT Melee/Wizard tribute web site at He is also the current President of the Long
Island Heroscape League.
Jay Libby: Jay is a long time gamer who is the Co-Owner of Dilly
Green Bean Games, one of the creator's of iNDiRPG and Co-Founder
of Fuzion Forum. He has done art for R. Talsorian Games and written
for their Cyberpunk v3 line. He was also a contributing writer for the
Doctor Who AitaS: Aliens and Creatures RPG suppliment by Cubicle 7.
Of course Jay writes his own games too, but his fame has come from a
little BIG freebie known as GI Joe the RPG, which still remains a HUGE
hit at conventions. Dilly Green Bean Games was a 2009 ENnie
nominee for the Fan Award for Best Publisher.  But what is Jay known
for these days? How about G-Core: The Superhero Role-Playing
System! Considered the MODERN FASERIP system, fans have been
raving about this cool superhero RPG! Jay will be running G-Core and
his adults only game this year at TotalCon!
Peter Blix Bryant: Blix is a podcaster, artist, game designer, and
writer. Working through his company he has developed
professional material for R. Talsorian Games, Tri Tac Games, Dilly
Green Bean Games, and Chapter 13 Press. He is currently on the design
and art team for the Savage Worlds edition of Fringeworthy. During the
later part of 2013 he ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for his Rogue
Chess project. As a podcaster he is one of the co-hosts of the Tri Tac
PodCast which is in its fifth season. His most recent project, the
MythWits, is a live broadcast web series and podcast. Blix and crew
interview industry guests every week, provide on location con coverage,
and talk all thing geek related. Blix will be covering the con for the
MythWits; running a huge multi-table, multi-genre, multi-system gaming
event on the Garden Stage Friday night; and will be joining several panels
during the con. Make sure to stop him and ask about any of these and get
a sneak peak at the soon to be released Rogue Chess
Andre Kruppa: The role-playing bug bit Andre in 1978 and he
has been running games steadily ever since! Andre runs a theatrical style
tabletop  game with a presentation designed to create an immersive
experience. Characters are provided with a full bio and description to give
players a solid role to play. Lights, sound, music, handouts, and some
props are used to help set the scene and the mood. Players should
expect some fun role-playing opportunities!
Recently, Andre launched Game Soapbox Productions, a studio and
publishing company dedicated to the passion and power of collaborative
storytelling. In the works are core rules for gritty role-playing,  campaigns
set in the dark 50's and a shadowy post-Lovecraftian 30's, audio books,
soundscapes, e-books, and a guide to immersive RPG production. Theater of the mind makes your imagination
the stage.
Ben Gerber Ben Gerber is a long time gamer and game
creator. He's responsible for Argyle & Crew, the sock puppet
RPG. He has also been held accountable for Something
Went Wrong, the competitive RPG where gold is good and
total party kills are always an option. Ben continues to work
on the World of Aruneus, a Pathfinder expansion featuring a
zombie apocalypse and is also designing several board
games.  You can find him on the web at his site,Troll in the
Corner (
Jeffrey Talanian, designer for North Wind Adventures,
was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons in 1980, and
since then he’s been running epic campaigns of adventure,
intrigue, and war. In recent years, Jeff has developed several
Castle Zagyg projects under the guidance of his friend and
mentor, E. Gary Gygax (R.I.P.). Jeff's most recent project is
the critically acclaimed Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers
of Hyperborea RPG (,
as well as the popular adventures, Charnel Crypt of the
Sightless Serpent and Taken from Dunwich. Jeff has also
contributed to the magazines Fight On! and Knockspell.
Don Higgins: Most recently Don was chosen by Frank Mentzer of
Eldtrich Entertainment; to be the Cover artist and interior Illustrator for 2
separate adventures. And currently working on a third. Don was honored
by being Nominated for "Steampunk Chronicle Magazine's" Steampunk
Artist / Illustrator of the year. And was part of the Steampunk Art Exhibition
at the Mark Twain House and Museum, Hartford CT; from October
through January. He is  the Interior Illustrator of "The Dragon Keeper's
Handbook" Llewellyn Worldwide, LLC; on shelves now. Don creates
character concepts, interior art, storyboarding, children's books, wildlife,
celebrity/ private portraiture, and tattoo design.and is creator of the web
comic Dark Magic and Donuts.    Past
Clients: Topps Entertainment and Collectables, Author: Kady Cross,
Llewellyn Worldwide LLC, IZoo Creative Design, Dilly Green Bean
Games, Carnivore Games, Hyoka Studios, Eilfin Entertainment
Michael Curtis:  a gamer since 1980 and a freelance writer and
game designer since 2008. He has written or contributed to nearly
forty roleplaying games, supplements, and articles. Best known for
Goodman Games’ The Dungeon Alphabet (for which he was
awarded the 2011 Three Castles Award for Game Design) and
Stonehell Dungeon, he’s also worked on the Dungeon Crawl
Classics RPG, Goblinoid Games’ Realms of Crawling Chaos and
MAJUS, and Chapter 13 Press’ Tales from the Fallen Empire. The
author of ten DCC RPG adventures including Emirikol Was Framed!,
The Sea Queen Escapes!, The Croaking Fane, Frozen in Time, and
Intrigue at the Court of Chaos, Michael’s work has also appeared in
the pages of Gygax Magazine and he is a regular contributor to Fight
On! magazine. Michael’s upcoming projects include The Chained
Coffin and The Adventurer’s Almanac for Goodman Games,
adventures for Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy
Role-Playing, and his own indie RPG, Shiverwhen. He lives in
Suffolk County, NY, with the requisite number of cats for a writer and
far too many books.
Bryan Johnson: is a game designer and player from historic
Salem, Massachusetts. He is a lifelong addict of board games
and card games of all kinds. He is the designer of the
boardgame Island Fortress, and in 2011 he launched Frost
Forge Games, a game design studio and publisher. Bryan also
began working for Game Salute starting in June 2012 to assist in
studio support and game development. He can be found on
BoardGameGeek under the username SwedeLad. Bryan is a
history buff who enjoys attending gaming conventions, baseball
games, traveling, genealogy, autumn in New England, pizza, and
staying out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Island Fortress
on BoardGameGeek
Eric Summerer: Eric is co-host of The Dice Tower podcast,
as well as a voice actor and producer whose voice has been heard
in countless commercials and instructional recordings.  A graduate
of Syracuse University, studying both TV/Radio/Film and Theater,
Eric has served as narrator for over fifty audiobooks, including
Elaine Cunningham’s Forgotten Realms: Songs and Swords
series, Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and Kurt Vonnegut’s God
Bless You, Mr. Rosewater.  Interactive media credits include Mytran
Wars, King of Fighters 2006, and Metal Slug 3D.  Eric’s favorite
games include Power Grid, Antike, and Merchant of Venus, but he’s
willing to try just about anything, from abstract strategy games to
(horrors!) the latest version of Monopoly. Eric is active on
BoardGameGeek with the username amazingintern, as well as play-
by-web sites,, and He
also enjoys watching lots of television, listening to novelty music,
and attempting the sport of curling.
Bradford Younie: Bradford is a gamer and author. In 2003,
he founded
Carnivore Games through which he wrote and
published the role-playing game "Now Playing". Since then, he
has written the adventure module " Ghosts of the Lady Grace"
and "The Unexplained" He has been gaming steadily since he
was introduced to D&D in 1977, becoming more interested in
story-base role-playing games more recently.  He has had an
interest in the paranormal for most of his life and has studied
various aspects of the paranormal throughout  most of his adult
life which became the inspiration for the game "The
Unexplained.  He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Andrea
and his three children.
Jim Reed: Jim has been a gamer since he was a child from
his Atari 2600 days to learning about Heroscape after
purchasing a set for his son.  Through his involvement in the
heroscape community, he learned about Tom Vasel and Tom's
podcast, The Dice Tower.  Through The Dice Tower (and
eventually other boardgame podcast as well) he started
learning about awesome "designer" (or "underground" )
games that are out there. Now, boardgaming is a huge part of
his life where video games have taken the backshelf role. He
believes the social aspect is what has really drawn him in as
well as his family's embracin gaming.  Jim puts together the
show notes for the Dice Tower, and also does interviews with
gaming notables.
Matthew Ebel:  i call myself a piano rocker, but I’
m really just kind of a goofball. I’ve been playing the
piano since age 5, discovered electronic music at
12, and made this stuff my career in 1999. Since
then I’ve played at the Grand Ole Opry, been
quoted in Rolling Stone, and made a name for
myself in new media circles. I’ve been able to play
piano rock full-time since 2007 and since then I’ve
never looked back
. Check out his music at